Monday, 16 March 2009

Heavenly Aura: Rozalb de Mura

Like I said yesterday, this week is going to be all about menswear. And who could be better to start with, than my favourite Eastern-European brand, Rozalb de Mura by Olah Gyarfas.
Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to Paris last week to see their newest collection, but they were very kind and gave me the address of their distributor in Budapest. On friday, I visited the beautiful showroom of Szidonia Szep, and finally could see the amazing peaces by Olah Gyarfas with my own eyes. The spring/summer selection of clothes has not arrived yet, but there were a few pieces from the fall 2008 collection, called "The Thing". I was amazed. All the coats and shirts are really well-tailored, made of very quality materials, and they are simply flawless.
(I can't wait to go back to Budapest in 10 days... because there's a black shirt left, which I dream about, since I first saw it!)

photo: Facebook

Rozalb de Mura's sping/summer collection will arrive soon too. A wrote a review about the collection, called "The Drums of War Will Thunder Once Again" before. Olah Gyarfas used light colours this time, and the shapes are much more airy than they were in the fall. (I hope, I can see them at the earliest possible moment at the Budapest stockist as well.)

And the story continues with the 'fall 2009' season, that they presented in London a few weeks before. The mens collection's called "Desert Twilight 6A - 3410". What do the numbers mean? A shade of colour, which is used for all the men clothes. 6A-3410 was called "the color of the future", in a research, by colour-psychologist Max Luscher. Very unique idea, to build the whole collection upon the result of this interesting scientific research. And by the way, this greenish-grey dye looks amazing! The cuts, the tailoring and every little details are really well-made.

photos: Rozalb de Mura Fall '09 Lookbook

Rozalb de Mura is a fictional character, a mysterious androgyn, who's getting materialized season by season under the hands of Olah Gyarfas. I think, I'm already mesmerized by him!

Regards, Miska

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