Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Interview with Florian Pessenteiner

Before I throw my heart and soul into the 2010 spring/summer menswear shows, here is an interview with an insider, one of the most unique male models, Florian Pessenteiner.

Thanks to Florian for answering my questions, and thanks to Larapixie for the collaboration!

Regards, Miska


- Every model has a story about the beginning. How did you start modelling?

- Everything started on a trip to Switzerland when I was waiting there with my mum to catch a bus. I got asked if i would be interested into modelling and thats how everything started.

- Your look is your trademark. It’s very special, easy to recognize, but can’t be categorized. Was it conceptual to develope such a strong image, or is this your natural look?

Yes that’s very true but it was never conceptual to develope this kinda look. When I was younger I was a proper Goth Kid and used to be in this scene. My hair was jet black , I used to wear make up, and was wearing crazy clothes , and loads of piercings. I changed a lot, just my look is still the same in a way.

- What do you think about the new look of male models today? There’s a complete army of skinny, tatto-covered British cool kids everywhere at the moment. Do you think that it’s going to be a long-term trend or just a fling?

I really like the look of the new top models at the moment . It gives edgy models a chance to be successful and get attention. Pretty faces are everywhere . But I think (and I probably have to say that now because I am one of those faces) edgy people are much more interesting , in person and of course in front of the camera. It’s hard to say if that’s a long-term trend or not. But me in person , I hope it will be a long-term one.

- How do you see the position of male models in the world of fashion? Are you still second violins, compared to the girls, or has it changed?

When I started modelling, male models were definately the second "violins" in the industry compared to the girls. But I think it changed a lot, and it’s still changing . Male models definately get more attention nowadays, which is definately good. As far as it comes to money though, there are still a lot of differences, but that’s another chapter of this "book".

- Which work of yours are you most proud of?

In the last year I did so many editorials, that it is really hard to say. But of course I’m really really proud of Vogue, Wonderland, Vision, Zink, Indie. As far as it comes to runway shows it’s definately Rick Owens, because I just love his clothes.

- What do you prefer, shooting or runway jobs?

It always depends on the team I’m working with, and what I am shooting for. Eventhough I have to say the seconds when you enter the runway and when you stand in front of the photographers can’t be compared to any shoots.

- What do you like most about the „model lifestyle”? Travelling? Parties? Nice clothes? Meeting interesting people?

There are loads of things I like about the model lifestyle. I meet a lot of new people , I get to see loads of different places and of course the parties are great . I have the possiblitly to earn my living with what I love and btw I sometimes get really nice clothes for free.

- If you could mention anyone from the fashion-business, who do you like to work with? (photographer, stylist, model…)

I adore Floria Sigismundi ...

- What are your plans for the future?

There is so much stuff planned, that I dont really know where to start now. But as long as everything is just in planning level I don’t really talk about it. I just wanna be healthy, wanna love what I do and I want to be able to see my family and my dog at least every 3 months.

photos from Push It Magazine #3, by Stefan Milev, featuring Florian Pessenteiner

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