Sunday, 28 June 2009

Rick Owens Men S/S '10

Although I didn't find his new collection as impressive, as the previous one, Rick Owens is still Rick Owens.
The jackets are still razorsharp, the shapes are still geometrical, the attitude is still powerful, the execution is still outstanding and still mostly black.
What changed then? I feel this recent collection more "casual" (if I can use this word in the case of Mr. Owens' creations), the whole feels less ethereal, and more cyber-streetstyle, more ready-to-wear. The use of denim for patchwork and the twisted sneaker-boots seems like a bizarre tribute to the basic pieces of today's casual look.

Original photos from SHOWstudio, the ones featured here are retouched by me.

I think though, there's a lot of humour and self-irony in this collection, which might look a little too massive in head-to-toe outfits, but the individual pieces are "easier" than ever. The point is in the right proportions and in the hidden details, as always.

Regards, Miska

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