Thursday, 30 April 2009


It was a sudden idea this morning. I had a lot of fun, while framing my own version to the Room's editorial-photo, if I was Patrick Kafka or something like that.

The original ed was posted previously.

Regards, Miska

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Patrick Kafka in the Room

There're so many things, happening to me these days. I'm pretty overwhelmed with work and there are a lot of new projects as well. I have no occasion for complaint at all!

At the moment, I'm collecting new themes to write about. Interesting, innovative designers to introduce here, special editorials, magazines, ideas...

It's a really exciting process, but it takes lots of time.

Until I get back with tones of news, here are some photos from an amazingly introverted, melancholia-touched black&white editorial from the recent issue of the Room magazine (can't wait to get my own copy). Photographed by Sam Scott Schiavo, fashion editor: Emil Rebek, featuring model: Patrick Kafka.

photos: Major Model Management NYC

Regards, Miska

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Szidonia Szep

First I heard about Szidonia Szep from the guys of Rozalb de Mura. They suggested that I should go and see her beautiful showroom in Budapest. After my visit we got in contact and soon after we met. Now I proudly introduce her to you.

Szidonia Szep studied artistic and experimental textile design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. After graduating in 2006. she moved back to Budapest and opened her showroom in the downtown.
She is always looking for challenge while designing her collections. She likes to discover new techniques, fabrics and silhouettes herself, then transforming her visions into unique reality. Every piece of clothing designed by Szidonia Szep expresses calmed elegance for confident women, who know what they expect from their outfits. Szidonia always works with the highest-quality materials, which are truly a pleasure to touch and wear.
Her collections look very simple and sophisticated; minimal lines with some tricky details. Szidonia’s designs can easily be paired with classic pieces of clothing. Just like with her guest-designer collections, for instance Rozalb de Mura or Pulver, together they add up to an elegant and sophisticated look.

Szidonia described her showroom as an ’open space’ for guest-designers and for the customers as well. She is constantly searching for talented fellow designers to introduce their work in her showroom, while also helping to make new connections between people interested in fashion, the reason why she organized the ’Days of Fashionable Theories’ a few months before -- an informal event that offered a calm place for discussions between the designer and the fashion-conscious audience of Budapest, where they were able to share their thoughts and visions about fashion in our days.

After her knitwear collections in the past seasons, Szidonia designed a beach-collection for the summer of 2009. She invented bathing suits which are principally functional, but give a very chic look to the wearer. The concept was to create swimwear pieces which make women look well-dressed even while spending the holidays at the seaside or relaxing by a pool.

The idea behind designing swimwear was to dress up women instead of undressing them for the beach. The collection contains three different styles of bathing suits. They are all black with smart and chic details at the neck-line or on the back. To complete the luxurious look, there are beautiful loose silk dresses with similar detailing as on the swimsuits, everything in black, with one gold exception.

Let me tell you that Szidonia is a very clever and smart woman with interesting and exciting messages. The long and short of it, she amazed me, and I gladly suggest visiting her showroom up, it is worth seeing!

Regards, Miska

Saturday, 25 April 2009

"Use Somebody" Editorial in INDIE Mag

To be quite frank, I couldn't list numerous male models I really like, but there are a few exceptions.
I've already seen a number of pictures of long-haired androgyn, Florian Pessenteiner, and I feel huge potentials in him. He simply rocks with his look, always!
There's nothing more to be said... let the pictures talk.


Photography Anja Frers
Styling Oliver Rauh
Model Florian Pessenteiner (
Hair and make up Phil Hoffmann (

photos: Larapixie

Regards, Miska

Thursday, 23 April 2009

the Room #09

24. 04. 2009. - This date is double-underlined in my calendar. It is my Mother's birthday, and the release date of the spring/summer issue of semi-annual fashion magazine, the Room #09.

on the cover: Sophie Srej, photographed by Marton Perlaki

The Room is not just a fashion magazine in the exact meaning of the word. It presents fashion not as an impermanent trend, but an impression, a segment of past and forthcoming times. Every issues are built around another subject, another idea.

For the current number, the editors have chosen to elaborate the alternative cultural-subcultural movement of the '80s in Hungary, the "garage-revolution", a very productive period of the underground youth-culture scene.

fashion illustrations by Andrea Marshall

The fashion editorials muster up a colorful scale of spring-summer tones. On the style pages pieces of Hungarian designers are mixed with numbers of the biggest fashion-houses.
The bilingual bookzine is already available in eleven fashion-capitals (including Paris, London, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin or New York), at selected spots.
The Room #09 features Sophie Srej photographed by Marton Perlaki on the cover, and a range of exciting and readable contents as well, like...

"... six artists from the eighties, one garage project, seven photo shoots, seven fashion illustrations, four cans of neon hairspray, eight models backstage, fifteen cut-off heads and a cake..."

printing mistakes from

Regards, Miska

Friday, 17 April 2009

Gravity Zero

Japanese web mag, the Openers features a whole editorial, dedicated to Giuliano Fujiwara, one of the greatest representatives of minimalistic menswear.
Complete runway looks are captured from the spring/summer '09 collection, designed by Masataka Matsumura.
The editorial presents signature Giuliano Fujiwara numbers, clear shapes, simple cuts, high-tech materials and some amazing geometrical accessories.

Like a piece of impermanence bottled for the moment after present time.

Regards, Miska

Dazed&Confused May Issue

photo: Nicola Formichetti's Blog

Dazed&Confused holds me spellbound month after month with their incredible covers. The upcoming number for May is entitled 'The Mavericks Issue', featuring Gossip's iconic Beth Ditto on the cover, photographed by Rankin, styling by Robbie Spencer.

Can't wait to see more of the contents!
Regards, Miska

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Je Suis Belle S/S '09

Je Suis Belle. This fair French phrase means „I am beautiful”. But for me, and for the people, who have already seen any pieces from the Hungarian designer duo of Dalma Devenyi and Tibi Kiss, Je Suis Belle spells innovative, young fashion with playful ideas and astonishing collections.

Dalma and Tibi have produced their collections since 2005 together, under the name of Je Suis Belle. And they are already among the most promising young talents of the Hungarian fashion-scene.

The signature Je Suis Belle style is something unique, something easy to recognize. An impressive mixture of quality, playfulness, the bohemian-touch, youthful energy, comfort and chic.
Dalma and Tibi like to bring some fun into their designs, they are not afraid of playing with silhouettes, remaking traditional pieces and shapes. And the best about them is, that they do it in an absolutely effortless way, their designs are easy-going, and it’s truly exciting to explore every little detail of their clothes.

After a bombastic fall, they prepared for the summer-heat with neon patterns, lace, redefined shirtdresses and knots.
The main concept of Dalma and Tibi for this season was, to create extremely light weight dresses for the hot days, but they don’t strip down their models, instead they dress them up in a very feminine and elegant way.

It was very important for the designers to create a collection which is wearable at the first place, and to work with handy fabrics.

The use of knots as ornaments and as shaping details, came from Dalma. She saw a photo of a kid, wearing a dirty, raunchy tank, on which straps were knot together. She found the look adorable and started to place knots in her designs. Finally she invented a very organic look, with mellow, but feminine details.

Reconstructing the details of the basic male shirt was also an exciting idea from Je Suis Belle. They used the characteristic necklines and collars in unusual positions, or elsewhere they extended the length of these numbers and created stunning maxi-dresses.

I personally see three different sections in the collection:
1, Redefined shirtdresses
2, Neon-heat -- pure colored clothes with neon-floral patterns
3, Bicolored, reversible dresses, built on the contrast of brown and blue

photos: Je Suis Belle SS '09 Lookbook

There are so many interesting ideas and details in this collection, that every single piece would deserve its own story!

For stockist information, visit the website of Je Suis Belle at

Regards, Miska

the Room Magazine Sneak Peek

The next issue of the most influental (and also my personal favourite) Hungarian fashion magazine, the Room #09 is going to be released in this month, with Sophie Srej on the cover, photographed by Marton Perlaki.
Can't wait to see the contents!
For more preview check their official blog.


Regards, Miska

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happy Easter!

I wish happy Easter, to all my readers, with the crumpled-eared bunnies of Louis Vuitton. (Ranya Mordanova, Meghan Collison, Alana Zimmer and Tao Okamoto.)
When I first saw these outfits at the Louis Vuitton AW'09 show, I was horrified, but for the second view, they are not that bad, especially for these days of the year, when rabbits are must-haves, mostly in chocolate-format!

Regards, Miska

all Louis Vuitton backstage photos -

Friday, 10 April 2009

Complexgeometries S/S '09

Complexgeometries is a very fresh Canadian brand, created by designer Clayton Evans in 2005.
His starting point is traditional streetwear, but he mixes the standards, reconsiderates the aesthetic and functional roles of shapes and creates his unique, comfortable, refined pieces. The women and men collections are not separated, they belong strongly together, and form a rounded whole.

About the spring/summer '09 collection of Complexgeometries:

"Inspired by the culture of mobility, the Complexgeometries SS09 collection explores the pragmatics and aesthetics of travel.

Functionally, items are designed to be versatile, light and easy to move. Crumpled silk packs small. Coated fabrics stay clean and dry. Light construction means items can be layered, even in warm climates. Draped dresses and vests provide enough space to carry the whole wardrobe in cleverly disguised pockets.

Traditional clothing from around the world also influences the look of the collection. Specifically, souvenir clothing favoured by Western travelers is further decontextualized in reinterpretation." ~ Complexgeometries

For stockist information, visit their website:
Regards, Miska

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cardboard ED from FHM Collections

The upcoming posts are going to be for the ladies, promise! But at last, here's one more menswear editorial, from German FHM Collections, styled by Lale Aktay featuring Gabriel Perez and Junior Augusto, photographed by Emilio Tini.
I'm not sure, but think that the outfits are Calvin Klein Collection. The use of cardboard made this ed is really unique, and it works well.


Regards, Miska

Robert Geller S/S '09

My Dear Readers!
First of all, I have to apologize for the lack of updates recently. I had a short spring break with my friends. But now I'm back on the board, and have a lot of exciting ideas in my mind!
After this short intermezzo, Miska continues his long journey on the virtual highway of fashion! I know, I've posted more menswear in the past few weeks, I'm collecting interesting news for the ladies, and working on some posts as well. Stay tuned!

For now, here are some photos from the spring/summer '09 lookbook of Robert Geller. Former trainee at Marc Jacobs and co-designer of Cloak' menswear, launched his own line for the fall season of 2007. This year, Robert Geller was the winner of the second annual “Best New Menswear Designers in America” project by GQ.

His collection for the spring/summer '09 season has a strong romantic-edge, spiced with some nostalgic-touch and fine craftsmanship of course. The silhouettes are very traditional, elegant and masculine with some dreamy detailing and sophisticated styling.

Regards, Miska