Thursday, 23 April 2009

the Room #09

24. 04. 2009. - This date is double-underlined in my calendar. It is my Mother's birthday, and the release date of the spring/summer issue of semi-annual fashion magazine, the Room #09.

on the cover: Sophie Srej, photographed by Marton Perlaki

The Room is not just a fashion magazine in the exact meaning of the word. It presents fashion not as an impermanent trend, but an impression, a segment of past and forthcoming times. Every issues are built around another subject, another idea.

For the current number, the editors have chosen to elaborate the alternative cultural-subcultural movement of the '80s in Hungary, the "garage-revolution", a very productive period of the underground youth-culture scene.

fashion illustrations by Andrea Marshall

The fashion editorials muster up a colorful scale of spring-summer tones. On the style pages pieces of Hungarian designers are mixed with numbers of the biggest fashion-houses.
The bilingual bookzine is already available in eleven fashion-capitals (including Paris, London, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin or New York), at selected spots.
The Room #09 features Sophie Srej photographed by Marton Perlaki on the cover, and a range of exciting and readable contents as well, like...

"... six artists from the eighties, one garage project, seven photo shoots, seven fashion illustrations, four cans of neon hairspray, eight models backstage, fifteen cut-off heads and a cake..."

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