Sunday, 26 April 2009

Szidonia Szep

First I heard about Szidonia Szep from the guys of Rozalb de Mura. They suggested that I should go and see her beautiful showroom in Budapest. After my visit we got in contact and soon after we met. Now I proudly introduce her to you.

Szidonia Szep studied artistic and experimental textile design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. After graduating in 2006. she moved back to Budapest and opened her showroom in the downtown.
She is always looking for challenge while designing her collections. She likes to discover new techniques, fabrics and silhouettes herself, then transforming her visions into unique reality. Every piece of clothing designed by Szidonia Szep expresses calmed elegance for confident women, who know what they expect from their outfits. Szidonia always works with the highest-quality materials, which are truly a pleasure to touch and wear.
Her collections look very simple and sophisticated; minimal lines with some tricky details. Szidonia’s designs can easily be paired with classic pieces of clothing. Just like with her guest-designer collections, for instance Rozalb de Mura or Pulver, together they add up to an elegant and sophisticated look.

Szidonia described her showroom as an ’open space’ for guest-designers and for the customers as well. She is constantly searching for talented fellow designers to introduce their work in her showroom, while also helping to make new connections between people interested in fashion, the reason why she organized the ’Days of Fashionable Theories’ a few months before -- an informal event that offered a calm place for discussions between the designer and the fashion-conscious audience of Budapest, where they were able to share their thoughts and visions about fashion in our days.

After her knitwear collections in the past seasons, Szidonia designed a beach-collection for the summer of 2009. She invented bathing suits which are principally functional, but give a very chic look to the wearer. The concept was to create swimwear pieces which make women look well-dressed even while spending the holidays at the seaside or relaxing by a pool.

The idea behind designing swimwear was to dress up women instead of undressing them for the beach. The collection contains three different styles of bathing suits. They are all black with smart and chic details at the neck-line or on the back. To complete the luxurious look, there are beautiful loose silk dresses with similar detailing as on the swimsuits, everything in black, with one gold exception.

Let me tell you that Szidonia is a very clever and smart woman with interesting and exciting messages. The long and short of it, she amazed me, and I gladly suggest visiting her showroom up, it is worth seeing!

Regards, Miska

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