Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Crossing by Tim Richardson

I've got a lot of plans to publish here today. So let's get it started with the ethereal short-film directed by Tim Richardson for the jewellery collection of Jordan Askill.

"The 'Crossing' project is Tim Richardsons interpretation of the conversations between him and designer Jordan Askill by regarding the personal and sometimes intimate mythology Jordan has created as the basis for his collection.

Both the photography and film represent a symbolic journey - a vision of the fragility of adolescence in the eternal presence of nature. ›Youth‹ becomes a mythic figure, floating above the ›eternity‹ of the oceans massive horizon - crossing the divide between the real and the imaginary."

© by DazedDigital

Director/Photographer Tim Richardson
Jewellery Jordan Askill
Cinematographer Jac Fitzgerald
Music Bix Sigurdsson
Model Ben W at Viviens

Regards, Miska

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