Friday, 29 May 2009


I've never thought, that cell proliferation can be represented in a way, which is as impressive as in this video. Not mentioning the series of pleasant visual ideas in this three-minute mood.
Simple and sophisticated. Forget? No, I rather keep these images in my memory.

Music Video for "Vania And The Master", created by Vania Oliveira, Moritz Reichartz and Michael Fragstein at "Büro Achter April".

Regards, Miska

Red Idol

I pull my lone oar in the sea of pointless thoughts on summer's menswear. Looking for the right way in millions of opportunities. But there are so many hidden treasure to find on the sea-bed. I've got to dive until a run out of oxygen.

I prefer to walk, so I anchor the boat and continue my way with some images from Contributing Editor's special editorial, entitled Red Idol, photgraphed by Minoru Kaburagi, featuring model Tyler Riggs from RED.

For the rest of the ed, paddle to their site.

photos from Contributing Editor

Regards, Miska

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Florian Pessenteiner for Peng! Mag

I featured photos of Florian Pessenteiner before on the columns of this blog. And now he deserves to turn my attention to him again.

His editorial for Peng! Magazine is something unexpectedly innovative. I'm totally confused, in the best meaning of the word. I saw so many editorials from high fashion magazines in the last few weeks, but found only very few of them truly inpirational.

But this. Interesting concept. Perfect execution. Incredible hair-styling. And well, Florian's crown of hair grabbed my attention. Again.

photos from Larapixie

We will hear about this guy soon, I can feel it in my bones. Stay tuned!

Regards, Miska

Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday Morning

To start this week in good mood, here is a great morning-song, "CookieMachine" from French PacoVolume.
I could hardly list lots of muic videos with so much visual creativity like this one. There's at least one great idea in every 10 seconds of it!

Directed by Romain Chassaing. Bravo!

Regards, Miska

Sunday, 24 May 2009

London Boys

photo from Arena Homme + by Alasdair McLellan

Even insiders said, that the trend of punk-look, skinny London-boys is just a transient fad of fashion. Well, it seems they were wrong.

In the past few seasons it was obvious already that a new generation of male models penetrated the world of fashion.
It undoubtedly started with Hedi Slimane, and his legendary collections for Dior Homme. His merits at the house are unquestionable, and we can say, that in a certain aspect, he revolutionized menswear. After Slimane separated his path from Dior, he started focusing on photography, and his signature edgy black&white portraits became trendsetters in short time. With stylist, Nicola Formichetti they created a whole new ideal of male models.

photo from Vogue Italia by Steven Meisel

Womenly, androgynous look, skinny body, roughed with piercings and tattoos, and spiced with cool rock&roll attitude. The army of London's cool kids started to be presented everywhere, in magazines like Dazed&Confused or Vogue Homme Japan, then ad campaigns and finally on the runways as well.
To name some of the most prominent members of this circle, Ash Stymest, Cole Mohr, Josh Beech or Luke Worrall can be seen everywhere. Recent issues of high profile magazines feature their editorials, just as the biggest brands use their faces in their campaigns.

photos from Arena Homme + by Alasdair McLellan

Why do I write about this whole theme?

It seems, in the next seasons the hegemony of Hedi's boys is going to grow, and might conquer the world of male modelling for a longer period than anyone expected.
The June issue of Dazed spotlights the newest faces of the scene in a montage video by Pierre Debusschere. The video intorduces the freshest package of London's it-boys. To be stylish, I could say, that Britain's got talent in the catwalk as well.

The video features casting antics of Alex Bennett, Daniel Hicks, John Patric, Robbie Wadge at D1, Gavin Jones at Models 1, Isaac Carew at Nevs, Josh Blunt, Louis Gage at Select, Jack Sprenger at Storm, Thomas McDonagh at FM. Styled by Robbie Spencer.

Everyone can decide on their own, what to think about this type of boys and everything behind the trend. But I don't think that far-reaching conclusions should be drawn from the current ideal of male models. It's fashion!

Anyways, London might be a gold mine, but there are tones of hidden gems, still undiscovered, maybe the next big thing will be found here, in Eastern-Europe...
Until then, our time comes, Miska puts on his seven-league boots and continues his journey.

photo from DazedDigital

Regards, Miska

Robert Geller AW '09 Lookbook

The days follow each other incredibly fast, sometimes I would just grab one's peaks, and won't let it go, but there's always another whirl, which carries me away. Gladly some of these return from time to time.

Like Robert Geller, I'm amazed by his designs since the first time I saw them, and my wonder has not diminshed! Impressive cuts, with sophisticated and moderate details. Perfect proportions.

The collection for the the upcoming fall does not follow the seasonal trends, it represents timeless must haves for modern, intellectual men. This time, inspired by the battered chic of Vienna.

"The Fall/Winter collection began with an interest in the imperial city of Vienna at the turn of the century. The city was a cultural melting pot which produced many of the intellectual and artistic impulses that shaped the 20th century. Mostly it is the themes of strength, romance, elegance and curiosity which are all very telling of the atmosphere in Vienna at this time. This relates to Robert’s quest to describe who his ideal man is, how he dresses and what is modern."

I hope that our ways will cross each other soon again. Until then, I keep following your footprints.

Regards, Miska

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Le sang d'un poète

When images touch the eyes, nerves start to glow. Through difficult processes the vision triggers chain-reactions to activate the imagination. That's science.
Creating fantasy, that confuses everything, and wakes all the senses to provoke reactions... That's art.

I feel unappeasable hunger in my eyes. It drives me to continue my journey across the universe.
Sometimes I'm a silent observer, sometimes I raise my voice. But walking miles to gain my end constantly.

Photos from Blood of a Poet (1930), written and directed by Jean Cocteau.

A surrealistic allegory about the development of an artist, and about the limits of imagination on motion picture.

"Le dormeur vu de prés
ou les surprises de la photographie."

Regards, Miska

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Je Suis Belle AW '09/'10 Sneak Peek

Since I first saw the fall '09 collection of Hungarian designer duo, Je Suis Belle, I literally can't get it out of my head. I was on pins and needles to get the chance to present it here.

And finally, the designers, Dalma Devenyi and Tibi Kiss allowed me to publish their breathtaking collection and sent me the lookbook, which is just even more spectacular than I remembered!

Review's coming soon. Until then, start wondering!

photos: Je Suis Belle AW '09/'10

Regards, Miska

Blossom Time

A few weeks before I was walking on the campus, in the morning the buds were just about to open, and a few hours later everything burst into flower.
What's left from the crowd of blooms now? Parched flower petals are chasing each other on the ground, or in the wind, and we are running into summer incredibly fast.
It took only a moment, which is very difficult to capture.
Photographer, Amy Gwatkin made it. She eternalized the blossom time of this spring through this delicate editorial for Dazed Digital, styled by Alex Cunningham, featuring models Joshua Press and Thomas Campbell.

photos: Dazed Digital

Regards, Miska

Connected by Igancio Lozano

We used to have a huge box of K'nex at home. My brothers always built helicopters, motorcycles and weapons... I created costumes. I embellished myself with strange armors and headpieces and imagined that I'm a space-warrior or a robot.
It's fun to see, that other people play the same games, that I used to.

photos: Ignacio Lozano

These unique portraits were photographed by Ignacio Lozano (aka Black Sheep Boy), a young Spanish artist based in New York City. The editorial is entitled "Connected", the model is Ethan James.

Regards, Miska

The Waking Artist by Jacob Mendel

I haven't slept for a while. My mind is crowded. I'm waiting for dreams, to attack my eyes. Inspiration is waking. I keep a close watch over it.

An adaptation of Franz Kafka's short novel, "The Hunger Artist", following the cinematic artist that refuses to sleep.

Writing, cinematography and editing by Jacob Mendel. Acting by Jason Sudak. Narrating by Jason Prasad. Music by Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter and Chick Corea.

Regards, Miska

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Damir Doma A/W '09

I like perfection. Damir Doma’s creations are beyond beautiful. I love Damir Doma's work.

I am a wayfarer. I walk miles, and sometimes I even ride the whirlwind. Sand, blowed into my eyes, or snowflakes melting on my lips. The distance is endless but everything is only a stone’s throw away.

+ Statement:
I also like when press releases tell everything about a collection.

“In a balanced calm of tension and easy flow, with a perspective of birth into the unknown, Doma pursues his exploration with seemingly bare shapes, focusing upon the architecture of volumes as if to return to the spines of his constructions.

Streaming drapings, twisted folds and floating structures in wet blacks, earth greys or dirty creams alternate between light and dark.

Doma's nomads could be visiting from elsewhere, on the dawn of an epic crossing, either into future times or antique steppes.

The sleek lines and simple shells of the clothes are underpinned by lightly constructed loops, and as boundaries and edges are blended, a feeling of continuity and endless wandering is evoked in the silhouettes, with pieces folded, held or knotted in only one of possibilities.

There is a quiet peace in Doma's distant spaces and solitude, when he hides tiny gates to infinity in his works.

Just as desert dune landscapes can reveal an arid undulating sensuality, or the icy austerity of snowcapped peaks may beguile with gently glittering skins, it is tempting to get lost for an instant in Doma's quest, on a path seeking majesty.”

Regards, Miska

Photos and text from Damir Doma's website. Runway video by Alessandro Tinelli from Vimeo.

Yang Du's Buda and Pest

Oversized, colourful, perky knitwear.
Caps with huge pompoms.
Cactus-like bunny-ears.
Strawberries, watermelons, portraits of strange folks and a pink & black zebra.

How come all these things to my beloved capital city, Budapest?
In no wise.
Apart from that, the unisex creations of Yang Du have some special personal magnetism.

The 30 year old Chinese CSM-trained designer, Yang Du entitled her latest collection for fall '09 "Buda" and "Pest" because of symbolic considerations.
"The reason I called it "Buda" and "Pest", was because, I realized I was on the "bridge" between the past and the future, trying to make my mind up about what I should do! I had very little time and I thought it would be good to carry on from my last collection, have more fun and more experience with knitwear, both hand knitting and machine knitting." ~ Yang Du

photos: Dazed Digital

Yang Du A/W 09 "Buda" and "Pest"
Photographer: Bella Howard
Stylist: Yasuhiro Takehisa

Regards, Miska

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

"Firekites - Autumn Story" Chalk Animation

A certain feeling, mixed from melancholy and zest for life.
A song, which invisibly nestles in your ears, and your inner record-player plays it over and over again when it begins to disappear.
1900 chalk drawings on a rough estimate.
6 months of work from start to finish.
A beautiful vision, with something extraordinary inspirational.
Tears forming a moustache, then a beard.
Diamond raindrops.

Chalk animated music video by Lucinda Schreiber and Yanni Kronenberg for the song "Autumn Story" by Australian band, Firekites.

Regards, Miska

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Visionaire 56 SOLAR

As a kid I was mesmerized by colour-changing objects. I had a toothbrush, that changed its colour while I brushed my teeth. I believed, it was magic.

Actually, sometimes I still believe in magic.

Richard Burbridge, Calvin Klein Collection SS'09

Visionare 56 SOLAR in collaboration with Calvin Klein Collection is a special, limited edition issue, printed with the most innovative techniques, using patented high-tech inks.
Under indoor-light the pages are black & white, but exposed to direct sunlight (or UV) the photographs transfrom into brilliant colorful pictures.

Peter Lindbergh
Mario Sorrenti, Yoko Ono, David Sims, Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, and Peter Lindbergh are some of the participants in the project.

Mario Sorrenti

Cecilia Dean, co-founder and editor of Visionare about the inspiration and collabration with Calvin Klein:

"We developed the inks to work in print, but we originally saw these inks used in thread and fabric. We immediately imagined clothing transforming from white to color. Calvin Klein Collection was a natural fit because of Francisco’s (~Francisco Costa, designer) minmalist aesthetics and geometric influences and Italo’s (~Italo Zucchelli, designer) experimentations with new techniques. What they accomplish with clothes, we do in print.”

Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

The special copies of Visionaire 56 SOLAR are available at the Calvin Klein Collection store on Madison Avenue, New York, as well as at some selected spots, for about $250.

For more information visit

Regards, Miska

All images featured in this post are from Visionaire's website.

Alexander McQueen Layered Illustration by Danny Roberts

I do constantly look for inspiration, to keep my imagination alive.
I follow lots of blogs, I start reading one, and it leads me up to another, then another, and the journey continues. I walk miles.

One of my newest favourites is the blog of California-based artist/thinker, Danny Roberts. His site features his artworks, sketches, paintings, illustrations, videos... an alternative world of his mind, a rare utopia of beauty.
--- Danny's blog is entitled "Igor + André", and is available through this link.

"The video I made by mapping camera movements of still pictures, I took of my McQueen Display. Basically, I love all of Alexander McQueen's Collections because they're straight out of a storybook. So with that said, I decided to create a world for McQueen's People. This Layered Display is what I came up with. I call it The Under Ground Forest." ~ Danny Roberts

Regards, Miska

Monday, 4 May 2009

A MAGAZINE Curated by...

„A MAGAZINE makes a cultural statement, a statement against homogenisation and for individuality. It is made out of respect for the design and the designer, in which we want to question fashion because we are fascinated by it, in which we want to use the designers’ parameters we love: passion, emotion, fascination, spontaneity, craftsmanship, authenticity. Therefore A MAGAZINE is conceived and designed in the same way as a fashion designer creates a new collection every season. To guarantee that the magazine remains surprising, varied and innovative we invite a new guest curator for each issue.”

A return to a poetic, fresh and ‘pure’ fashion magazine. Each issue is a new story.

The first issue of A MAGAZINE was curated by Maison Martin Margiela in 2004., and he was followed by Yohji Yamamoto, Haider Ackermann, Jun Takahashi, Martine Sitbon, Veronique Branquinho, Kris Van Assche and Riccardo Tisci to create their own issues.

Next up A Magazine will be curated by Proenza & Schouler.

Photos & text from

A MAGAZINE is distributed world-wide by book- and museum shops, fashion-boutiques and concept stores.

The numbers are available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great-Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, South-Africa, Canada, U.S.A. …a.o.

Regards, Miska