Saturday, 22 August 2009

Aerial by Julia Kim & Bart Kiggen

The '09 collection of Julia Kim was inspired by urbanism and aerial photography, so was Bart Kiggen, who created a short movie to accompany the presentation.
In keywords: vestment-like outfits, razor sharp structures, irresistible details; with this collection the promising designer from Antwerp reiterated, and even outshone her previous ones.
Broad perspectives, unearthly calmness and motionless gestures, planes, windmills and the Milky Way as regard Bart Kiggels's interpretation.
Typical instance of a well-thought-out cooperation, impressive.

Here, you can find a previously published interview I made with Julia Kim about her preceding collection.

Regards, Miska

Topman AW'09 "Wilderness" Necklace

photo from Topman "Wilderness" AW'09

A new kind of passion is in the rollout phase. The latest and sorely needed object of my desires is this piece from the Fall collection of Topman. I was never really in favor of jewels, but recently, this claim has began to revaluate in me. Perhaps Mr T's heavy blings in the "A Team", or Ricardo Tisci's Givenchy Homme accessories lit a spark in my head.

However I feel untameable thirst to get hold of this wondrously austere but excrescently complex necklace.
Like a clutch of metal snakes, entwine my neck and embrace my chest...

Regards, Miska

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dazed&Confused : September Spectacular

The new issue of Dazed&Confused has just landed the news stands today. Apart from the misguided cover (I don't really get the Twilight buzz...), the September edition certainly includes some interesting content.
However, 70 pages of fashion point to the fact, that there will be some massive editorials featured in this number as well.

More soon, until then as a small appetizer, two shots styled by Robbie Spencer and photographed by Carlotta Manaigo.
Like they have been harden onto canvas in the golden age of Dutch painters. Humid autumn breeze, come and pinch my ruddy cheeks!

photos from Robbie Spencer's site

Regards, Miska

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Burberry Prefall '09

If I'd be asked to mention a timeless piece of clothing, I'd definitely pick the Burberry trenchcoat, because every number has its own history, a perfect synthesis of the past and the future but always fits into the current trends. A pure fix point in the always-changing world of fashion, a modern classic.

In addition to the aforementioned trenches, the prefall collection of Burberry musters up a number of exciting pieces, like eye-strokingly silky knitwear and trousers, which feel like a chilly breath on the skin. Tingling.

photos from Burberry

Regards, Miska

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Acceptible in the '80s - Maria Blaisse

I'm feeling the early tingling of the upcoming fall season in my bones, and also dreaming with shoulder pads since last week. The odd thing is, that these dreams are getting sweeter. At first sight I had a kick against the revival of the riotousness and crudity of the '80s, but the initial antipathy seems to calm down, and I'm just getting more and more interested about the characteristics and visions of the decade when I was only a tiny package of life.

Last night I was rambling around with a question in my mind. What is acceptible from the '80s? Why are the '80s stigmatized as the black sheep of style, in spite of that incredibly strong visuality, and look which were represented in those years.
Maybe it ensues from the antagonism between the signature '80s look and the much softer, more sophisticated silhouette of the days that we are used to.

Kuma Guna by Maria Blaisse (1996)

Returning to the question raised above, last night I accidentally tumbled on the inspiring artwork of Maria Blaisse. The iconic sculptures of the Dutch designer have been making an impact on fashion since the early '70s. Her work is an investigation of form and material. Denudative, extremely stylized pulsating vitality resides in every shapes, created by Maria Blaisse. Her spherical foam costumes were revolutionary at the time, and they are still a dazzling visual experience to a man, who has been around a lot.

Spheres by Maria Blaisse (1989)

For more information and visual pleasure visit the official site of Maria Blaisse. And also read a recent interview with the artist on DazedDigital.

Regards, Miska

Woodstock - 40th Anniversary

One of the most iconic photos of the legendary festival.

40 years before I wasn't even a thought. 40 years from now I hope I will still enjoy the freedom of mind.
My "Woodstock" ended last night, when I was running in the middle of a dark highway. I was running to find the way back here. I found it, and finally here I am.
The first chords were already played, and now I continue to compose the repertoire.
It feels good to be back.

Regards, Miska