Monday, 30 March 2009

Interview with Julia Kim


- Your ’08 collection was full of interesting, eye-catching details! What was your main inspiration while designing the clothes?
Julia Kim:
The Ligneous collection was inspired by three different sources: The Adventures of Tin Tin by Hergé, Olafur Eliasson and Take G-Toys by Takeji Nakagawa (robots made out of wood).

- Where did the idea of the wood-motif/pattern come from?

The wood pattern was coming from the inspiration of the wooden robots. The idea of something rather futuristic made in a natural material, was very intriguing to me. Also Olafur Eliasson´s idea to trap "faked" nature within a room, was a part of this wooden pattern concept.

- How would you describe your style as a designer? Where do you find impulse? Who does/did influence you?

I would describe my style as a symbiosis of wearable and experimental. I get my influences mostly by my closest friends, from different kind of medias, like books, movies and the internet platforms.

- Designers often say, creating menswear is much more restricted, because men don’t have much courage to express themselves in an unusual way with their outfits. What do you think about it? Why have you chosen to design for men?

Indeed menswear design is more restricted or better to say, has more codes than women´s wear. But exactly this is interesting to me: to find a way within the codes of men´s wear design by looking more into details. I would not say though, that there is not enough courage of men to express themselves.
In the end everything is possible within menswear, it depends on the designers style and taste.

- The outfits of your collection are very well-styled from head-to-toe. Do you think it is important for a designer to be a stylist as well?

I do not think it is important for a designer to be a stylist. When you work on a collection it automatically falls into hand, that you want to complete the style with the right accessories.
For myself, I do not see me as a stylist. I am choosing my things according to what fits best to my collection like the glasses and the shoes. If I have the objectivity or involvement in doing this for another person is another question.

- Which one is your favourite part of the designing-process?

That´s difficult to say, because each part has something to it. But I guess I would say the researching and the head-spinning of puzzling the collection´s idea together.

- With the eyes of a young designer, how you see fashion these days?

It is beautiful and interesting to see that there is a new focus on men´s wear design.

- How do you see yourself in a few years? What are your plans for the future?

I am working currently on my master year collection in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In a few years I probably do the same as now: working on a collection. Whether it will be my own or somebody else´s, is not decided yet.

- Where can people explore and buy your clothes?

In the Summer my "Ligneous" collection will be hanging in the showroom of the "Becks Fashion Experience" in Berlin.

- And last but not least, what will you have in store for us in 2009?

Not to give away too much. It will has something to do with airplanes.

photos: Julia Kim

Thank you Julia, for answeing my questions! Wish you my best!

Regards, Miska

Please, respect my work, and do not copy this interview without my permission!

Times New Roman

"It is a Romantic recollection of a Golden Age with dark eyes as I will call it." - Roberta Nitsos
Greek-born photographer and film-maker Roberta Nitsos flies back and forward in time to a romantic and nostalgic, almost idyllic era with her artwork. Her constant inspiration comes from renaissance paintings and religious content.
"Colour is a very important element in my work. I associate it with feeling. My vision starts with color and then moves on to a form. By painting the image with color you paint the feelings on the faces of the actors-models, the expression, the drama, the melancholy." - she said about her images.

sweater Christopher Kane / hat, trousers & sandals Kenzo

shorts James Long / sandals Lanvin / fishnet top One of a Kind

all James Long

shirt Kenzo / shorts & headpiece Jonathan Anderson

photos Roberta Nitsos
styling Molaroid Solomon
set designer Nicolas Zavaliaris
make-up Abi @ CLM
hair Bianca Tuovi @ CLM
models Gavin Jones @ Models1, Ulysse De Gregorio @ Storm
location London

Regards, Miska

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Diary of a Hotel Room

Lina Scheynius, 27-year-old Swedish photographer shot one of her first fashion shoots for the Spring/Summer '09 issue of AnOther Magazine, with catwalk-queen and Givenchy-muse, Mariacarla Boscono. She used natural lights and a compact automatic camera to capture the strange mood of the Parisian hotel rooms for her intimate picture diary.

„I like hotels that aren’t standardised… they are intimate places, but also very anonymus.” - said Lina Scheynius about her obsession with hotel locations.

The atmosphere of the editorial is very spontaneous. Lina Scheynius shows us the hotel room in a very intimate aspect. An unknown space, that you own for a short time, that is your home for a period but not permanently, you can be anyone for the hotel room, it does not care. And after you left, it keeps your common secrets and memories.

source: AnOther Magazine Spring/Summer '09 Issue

Photgraphy Lina Scheynius
Styling Camille Bidault-Waddington
Model Mariacarla Boscono

Regards, Miska

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Lollipop Fun Factor

Just found these funny photos of fashion-logo-lollipops by Massimo Gammacurta, candy-fetish!

photos: Coute Que Coute

I'll be back later!
Have a nice day, everyone!

Regards, Miska

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Secrets of Stonehenge

This editorial was shot by Mel Bles and Katie Shillingford at a very mysterious and unusual location, at the snow-covered Stonehenge for the April issue of Dazed&Confused.
The photos have a foggy and mystical atmosphere just like the ancient rocks of the Stonehenge. Unique background-scene and incredible outfits, like the signature one by Gareth Pugh.
Extra-tribute for snow-princess, Kate Somers. How said, modeling is an easy job?

Photography Mel Bles
Styling Katie Shillingford
Hair Christian Eberhard at Jed Root using Tresemme
Make-Up Ayami Nishimura at Jed Root using Chanel Spring 09 Collection
Model Kate Somers at Independent
Photographic Assistant Ivan Ruberto
Styling Assistant Nelma Kalonji
Location Sarah Eastel at and English Heritage
Retouching Dave Andrews
Special Thanks to Bill Clark at Vroom with a View

photos: DazedDigital

Regards, Miska

Monday, 23 March 2009

AnOther Editorial by Tierney Gearon

“The photographs for the shoot were completely unplanned. The way that Marie works is very different to the way that I work, so it was an incredible experience for me. The double exposure was a spontaneous thing when I saw the clothes.” - Tierney Gearon

AnOther Magazine Issue #16 Spring/Summer 2009
Photography - Tierney Gearon
Styling - Marie Chaix
Model - Aline Weber


1st picture: Gold leather jumpsuit by Jitrois

2nd picture: Panelled dress by Versace; Chain sunglasses by Bless

3rd picture: Patched denim jacket by Charles Anastase; Tiered lace skirt by Isabel Marant

4th picture: Studded waistcoat by American Retro; Cotton top (worn underneath) by Bamford; Underwear by Galliano

5th picture: Striped organza dress by Rue du Mail by Martine Sitbon

6th picture: Zipper dress by Belstaff

To be continued!

Regards, Miska

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Interview with Dejan Despotovic

I'm ending this week, with something really special, and exciting.
Promising Serbian designer, Dejan Despotovic, was very kind, and answered my questions. And now I proudly present an informative and interesting interview with him.
He is a very positive person, who is really enthusiastic about fashion and designing!
I wish you good luck to your upcoming collections!
Thank you Dejan, and thanks to your Agent as well!
Regards, Miska


- Your clothes have a dark, monochromatic, very simple edge completed with interesting and complex cuts and tailoring. How would you describe your style as a designer?

Dejan Despotovic:
I always wanted to go to the dark, but still romantic side of fashion and style. Maybe it comes from my little bit alternative way of looking on living, and other stuff… Music, movies, everything around me is art But music is my main influence and it makes me going further with inspiration… it’s always something experimental, something strange in that music. I like to search people, who do very good, strange experimental music.

- Why have you chosen to be a designer? Have you been always inspired by fashion? How is Dejan Despotovic’ personal style and taste?

I always wanted to be a designer, like from my childhood, really! There were always some pencil and piece of paper with me, and I always draw dresses for some divas from my mind! Funny, but true!

Fashion is everything, that inspires me, and will always be the first one in my life.

My personal style is very British, because I love London, and I have plans to go there, to live and to start work there. My fashion is also very London-style, with all the strange shapes and details.
So, old shoes, hat, slim pants… but almost everything black!

Im preparing my woman collection for Fall ’09/’10, which will be showed in April at Belgrade Fashion Week. There are many things in that collection. The look is inspired by horses, monkies and old, rusted silver details… very very old, antique and very animal!

The man collection was inspired by the music of Wim Mertens, because he is my favourite composer, and is genious in music. Very aristocratic, but also dark and romantic at the same time.

-Which fits you better designing for women or for men?

Well, it’s not hard to design for men or for women. It’s harder to make something, which will be not seen yet, something new in womens fashion. But in mens fashion it’s a little bit easier to experiment with shapes and fabrics. I love both styles, very very much.

- What is your vision about the women and men, who you designing for? What are they look like outside and inside?

Hm… strong, clear-minded, happy in life. People with strong attitude, and with the wish to be seen, and to be different from others.

- In these hard times, during crisis how you see, is it more difficult to make your way in the market?

Well, I have to say that I’m new in fashion, I’m only 22 years old. And I only have 3 years of professional experience behind me, so I’m still in that period, when I have to show what I really can do in design. I can say, that I’m already well-known in my country, and I am still there for one year more, or for two seasons, then I’ll think about to open a shop, and everything about it... and also about crisis!

- You come from Serbia, as an Eastern European designer how do you feel, is it harder to get into the circulation of global fashion?

Well, I think that it’s not that hard. It’s a little bit strange, because, when people see my work, they don’t think, that I’m from Serbia, but I don’t know why. Other designers from Serbia are now in Paris, and London, and everywhere!

My quality is known in other countries also, and I’m glad, because of that. For me it’s a pleasure to go everywhere I’ve been invited by other fashion-week organisations. I had invitations from Prague Fashion Week, I was there at London Fashion Week to see everything, and people there really liked my stuff, and I’m so happy and pleased about that. Also Berlin… my dream is Paris FW, NYC FW, and to show at London Fashion Week.

- Are you influenced by Serbian culture, art or traditions?

Not really, because there are so many designers influenced by our culture. I have some shapes, but in our traditional clothes there are so many details. Maybe I’ll do something with that, who knows! Maybe, when I will show in Paris, London, or NYC!

- I read, you also work as a stylist for the Serbian Elle, how do you see the style of Serbian people? Are you influenced by street-style as well? Which country's style do you like most?

I’m not working for the Elle Magazine anymore, but maybe I’ll start it again, who knows… I was inspired by street-looks from many countries for those editorials, I’ve done for that magazine. Also, it was a real pleasure to work for them with these numbers of years. But I personally like and prefer London-look!

- Is it important for you to do the styling part of your own collections and products as well?

Yes, of course. I do everything with the style and look for the collections, and it makes me happy.

- Are you influenced by the "big names"? Who are your beau ideal in fashion?

No… well, not really, but I like to see the work of some designers, like Raf Simons, Karl Lagerfeld, Martin Maison Margiela, Dior Homme… a lot of them!

- Which fashion-capital (New York, London, Milan, Paris) would you like to show your collections most? Why?

Like I said, every city is a dream to go to, and show there. I’m dreaming about to go to show in New York, London, Milan and Paris, but I think that London, Paris and NY are closer to my style than Milan…

- Tell me someone from the fashion-world, who you really would like to work with! (designer, model, photographer...)

Well, I always wanted to work with Agyness Deyn. Also want to work with Judy Blame (I met him at Gareth Pugh’s show in February ’08), great man and great artist! And I also worked with Florian Passenteiner (model from London) and it was such a great cooperation, because he’s a great model and a very nice person.

- Do you already have your own brand under your name, or you produce your collections in limited editions? Where can costumer explore and buy your clothes?

I don’t have a brand yet, so I have only limited editions of clothes, but soon, after the fashion week in April, I have plans to open a store in Belgrade.

Now, at the moment you can buy my stuff at Supermarket Concept Store and in Kokliko Boutique in Belgrade. I have plans to find contacts with shops from fashion capitals, to see if there’s any possibility for me to exhibit my clothes there!

- Do you still study?

Yes, haha, I have one more exam left and I will finish my college! I’m so happy about that, because I finished my college on time, while working in fashion, and you know, what fashion is like…

- How you see yourself in a few years? Or how would you like to see…?

Like a designer for some great house, have my own label and my collections shown at fashion weeks of the capitals of fashion!

- Thank you for the interview, Dejan!

Thank you very much!

Please, respect my work, and do not copy this interview without my permission!

Lanvin Men Sping/Summer '09

photo: Craig McDean

This thematic week of menswear would not be complete without mentioning Lanvin's spring/summer collection.

Lucas Ossendrijver created a laid back, close-to-nature and chic collection for this season. Lightweight materials, easy pyjama-style outfits with playful details and accessories, referencies to Lanvin's women collection, and must-have sandals for the summer!


Decadent but divine, signiture Lanvin menswear.

Regards, Miska

Last Resort ~ V Man #12

This editorial was released in the Winter 2008 issue of V Man, photographed by Mel Bles, styling by Stevie Westgarth, models: Jason Wilder and Hubert Czech.

Coat Burberry Prorsum, pants Calvin Klein Collection, hoodie Z Zegna, backpack and belt D&G, cap Armani Exchange.

Coat and pants Calvin Klein Collection, sweater, bags, plaid hat D&G, shirt Armani Exchange, hat Burberry Prorsum.

Left: jacket Calvin Klein Collection, sweater D&G, pants Z Zegna, bag, strap (worn as belt), hat Burberry Prorsum, cap Gap, sandals Marc Jacobs.

Right: hooded jacket Z Zegna, jacket and shorts D&G, shirt Lacoste, bag Burberry Prorsum, cap Armani Exchange.

Left: sweater Calvin Klein Collection, shorts Marc Jacobs, jacket at waist and bag D&G, beige cap Y-3, orange cap Gap.

Right: jacket, pants, belt Calvin Klein Collection, sweater Z Zegna, t-shirt (worn underneath) Gap, backpack Marc by Marc Jacobs, hat Burberry Prorsum, cap Lacoste.

photos: V Man #12

Left: jacket and shoes D&G, t-shirt and cap Gap, shorts Marc Jacobs, belt Marc by Marc Jacobs, hat Burberry Prorsum.

Right: sweater Armani Exchange, pants Z Zegna, hat Burberry Prorsum, cap Y-3.

Casual, comfortable outfits for early springtime. Lots of pale colours, like steel-grey, cold-blue, ecru, sand, beige... refreshed with some orange.

Have a nice sunday-afternoon!

Regards, Miska

Givenchy Men by Ricardo Tisci

"My man has the soul of a bad boy, just like my woman. He’s Latin-aristocratic and gothic-romantic, but wild. He is a man who is so confident with his masculinity that he can comfortably play with his femininity.” –Riccardo Tisci

photo by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

With his first mens collection for Givenchy, I think Ricardo Tisci created one of the best editorial-material for this season. And I hope he might fill the void in menswear, which Hedi Slimane left behind, after leaving Dior Homme seasons ago.
The new Givenchy-Man, in Tisci's interpretation is someone, who's not afraid to show a slightly more feminine side of him, but keeping his masculinity as well. The collection has a strong rock'n'roll-chic, the leather shorts, vests, and those beautiful gladiator derbys were all really edgy. To give some contrast to the outfits, the heavy leather pieces were combined with filmy shirts. I also loved the play with the lengths of bermudas over leggings (made of leather or jersey). And that scarf with metal eyelets... so many must-haves to lust for!

photo by JD Ferguson, from V Man Issue #12

Tisci has the eye for innovation, and has a unique taste for details as well. I dare say, for me he is ranked among the best in Haute Couture; and with his vision, skills and talent, he might be able to create a style, which is strong enough to revolutionize menswear. Or at least pep it up, profusely!

photo by Josh Olins, from V Man Issue #13

Promising initiation, for sure!
Regards, Miska