Monday, 23 March 2009

AnOther Editorial by Tierney Gearon

“The photographs for the shoot were completely unplanned. The way that Marie works is very different to the way that I work, so it was an incredible experience for me. The double exposure was a spontaneous thing when I saw the clothes.” - Tierney Gearon

AnOther Magazine Issue #16 Spring/Summer 2009
Photography - Tierney Gearon
Styling - Marie Chaix
Model - Aline Weber


1st picture: Gold leather jumpsuit by Jitrois

2nd picture: Panelled dress by Versace; Chain sunglasses by Bless

3rd picture: Patched denim jacket by Charles Anastase; Tiered lace skirt by Isabel Marant

4th picture: Studded waistcoat by American Retro; Cotton top (worn underneath) by Bamford; Underwear by Galliano

5th picture: Striped organza dress by Rue du Mail by Martine Sitbon

6th picture: Zipper dress by Belstaff

To be continued!

Regards, Miska

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