Saturday, 14 March 2009


backstage photo from Viktor&Rolf,

In the last few weeks I tried to show as much of the Fall'09 fashion weeks and collections here, as I can... but that was only a very small piece of cake! There were some great shows, which I missed to post about, but maybe later I will supply these reviews.

The atmosphere of the fashion weeks was affected by all these gloomy predictions about economics, and the whole situation about the financial crisis. Some designer played safe, some of them put that much luxury on their runways, that they just didn't dare, and yes there were a few exceptions have taken risk and came out with something really innovative and exciting.
Some major trends can be predicted already for next fall. The biggest bang this season was around the style of the '80s... It's strange to see, that retro-vibe does not come from that far nowdays, makes me feel a little old! Anyways the emphasized, wide shoulders, ruffled blouses and skirts, perky patterns... I don't say that I dislike the entire trend of the 80's but my feelings are odd. Whatever, we will see, how it turns out next season.
Other it-trend was fetish. Fetish of footwear, make-up, accessories... some sweaty, grotesque, erotic but not so vulgar pieces will be must haves for next fall. In smart doses, this accessories and clothes can be very classy, and a little rebellious at the same time.
I don't want to predict too much, but I'm sure that leather is going to be the IT material of the season (and overshadows knitwear, and everything else). And yes, as usual for fall, wearing black can't be a mistake!
Now, that the whole circus closed for a while, lets get back to present time. In the next weeks, I'm going to get down with Spring/Summer '09, I will look for interesting trends and inspiring new designers and brands to introduce.
At the same time, now that the women shows are over, I'm going to post some more menswear as well! I already have some promising ideas! And last but not least, I'm planning the next self-editorial already!
Stay tuned!
Regards, Miska

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