Monday, 9 March 2009

Rozalb de Mura Showroom in Paris

These days are going to be very eventful for the people at Rozalb de Mura. After presenting the Fall'09 show in London, they have taken both, "Powder Cadillac 1B-2140 & Desert Twillight 6A - 3410" collections to Paris. The admirable creations of Olah Gyarfas can be discovered at their showroom, from March 9 - 13 at the Institut Culturel Roumain.
I considered their kind invitation a great honour, and like to thank you again Rozalb de Mura!
Unfortunately I can't be there in Paris personally, but I'm going to be engaged in your work on a high-priority level these days!
Also thanks for the lots of information, you sent about the brand and the collection! Can't wait to write about your magnifique designs!
Until then I premise the most beautiful coat from the Fall'09 mens collection.

photo from Rozalb de Mura Fall'09 Lookbook

Like flower-leaves nuzzled together with each other, or water-lilies... breathtaking one-buttoned must-have!
Regards, Miska


ByBA said...

Check this out: Damir Doma! To my mind he is the best men's wear designer now. "In a corner of my heart" his last collection :)))) (by the way: which language do you prefer by the comments? )

miska said...

Thank you for the tip. Now, after all the women shows, I will turn back to menswear a little bit. And Damir Doma is definitely suits my personal conception, and style!
About the language, use that, which fits you better, and is the most comfortable for you! I'm happy to see your comments! Regards, Miska