Thursday, 5 March 2009

Rozalb de Mura Fall 2009

Let me introduce you this stunning video by Pierre Debusscherre, made for Rozalb de Mura's fashion-vision for the next fall.

Olah Gyarfas, the Transylvanian designer of Rozalb de Mura named this collection "Desert Twilight" in an interview, which words tell exactly the impressions of mine, when I first saw these monochrome menswear creations. The silhouettes are very masculine, almost uniform-like, with some light, feminine detailing.
Extra applause for the casting and for the fairy make-up!

Olah Gyarfas impressed, and made me proud again, and as I see, not only me...
Crossing fingers for you, Olah!

Regards, Miska

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