Tuesday, 3 March 2009


One big handicap of living in Hungary is that, we have no Dazed&Confused on the news-stands, not even on the fancy ones.

Thank for my best friend (and only reader of mine I know about), I've just got the January issue a few days ago. Better late than never. But now I have to admit, it stuck to my hands, I've already read all the articles (some of them more than once already), and can only speak in superlatives.

I was collecting new themes to write about, when I found
this amazing editorial on DazedDigital.

Mutant offsprings of models and furniture, with lamp-shades and curtains on their heads? Who would not love this idea?

Photos - Carlotta Manaigo
Styling - Robbie Spencer
Model - Jakob Wiechmann

Regards, Miska

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