Saturday, 7 March 2009

Rick Owens Fall 2009

Rick Owens suprised me with the softness, and sensitivity of his newest collection.

He was inspired by my favourite birds, by swans this season. The show started with black swans, then turned into white ones. The arctic, icy atmosphere of the show was really captivating. And the use of embroidery was truly unexpected from him.

Owens presented us white in all of its hues. Pearl, oyster, bone, egg, ash, dirty, combined with beige or silver. His outfits were monochromatic, but at the same time excitingly various. Just like the cuts of his asymmetrical, high-necked jackets, baggy boots and fury-hats.


I think Rick Owens gave a whole new meaning to the Lake of Swans. If it's that beautiful, let that swan sing his song forever!
Regards, Miska

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