Thursday, 5 March 2009

Balenciaga's YSL Hommáge

Don't want to sound disrespectful, but I don't really know what to think about Ghesquiére's Fall'09 collection.

The first half of the show was dominated by soft, drapped satin skirts, pants, and a coat, which showed a much more sensitive, feminine and even romantic side of Nicolas Ghesquiére's Balenciaga, but there was something from his trademark structures in those shapes as well.
Okay, the '80s are back, everyone has to accept that. There were quite good trends back then, I was even born in the eigthies, and I personally like those stressed shoulders, but nothing could explain to me the need of taking back those horroristic patterns and prints. After that, I don't need to say, but yes, I'm really disappointed, and confused about the whole collection, mostly about the second half.


Some really good ideas, gorgeous jewellery and details, and some absolutely incomprehensible concepts.
Yves Saint-Laurent's effect can be felt beyond doubt, but I don't know if this presentation was an honour, or something less worthy.
I personally loved Ghesquiére's cyber-tech style, and knife-edge cuts, and I was hoping to see him carrying-on that line.
That's only my opinion, and I'm open to discuss about different sentiments as well.

(In English: I would like to get some answers, and comments.)
Regards, Miska

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