Monday, 16 March 2009

Damir Doma Spring/Summer '09

I just hit the road of men-fashion from the dreamy world of Rozalb de Mura, and I didn't have to go thousand-miles to arrive another wonderland, a place where time has vanished, a close galaxy filled with sightliness and harmony. The world of:

The spring/summer collection of the Croatian-born designer is inspired by the beauty of beyond.
The textures are very light, the silhouettes are airy. Soft fabrics entwine and caress the body. The shapes are not sharp, their structure comes in sensitive, loose forms, and subtle nuances. The suddenness of foldings and creases gives movement to these outfits, galvanize life into them. The details, like the use of plaites, provide a really organic, and even a little bit playful edge to the clothes.

The collection is really close to nature on the one hand, on the other hand it has something otherworldly. Filled with charm, which is very sensitive, but masculine at the same time. Melancholic and romantic, dreamy and full of power, nostalgic but innovative. Opposites and different characteristic signs melted into one, a unique, timeless, and exciting new way of menswear, created by Damir Doma.

Regards, Miska

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