Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009

Was I asking for inspiration? Something which is thought-provoking? It seems, I got it.
When I saw the first pics about the set-design, and the make up, I felt really confused. I thought McQueen might had some apocalyptic visions, or found his Mad Max VHS in the vault. But then the runway photos started to come, and I realized, I was thinking in a completely wrong direction.
Recycling. This was the main inspiration of the collection. Not recycled trash or tacky ideas (okay, there were some interesting tyres and umbrellas used as hats), but reconsideration of McQueen's creative legacy until now. The show presented a reloaded "best of" from his earlier seasons. It was retrospective, but he developed his creations to the top level of aesthetics.
I have to admit, I dislike the whole make up, and the whole theatrical atmosphere, and these clothes are not really fit my personal taste, but they are truly, unlimitedly beautiful! Like the famous renaissance paintings, sometimes I don't know much about the meaning of them, sometimes I don't even like them, but I think they are beautiful. I feel something like that about McQueen's desgins. They are constructed, architectural, complex, but simply just haute couture!

photos: catwalking.com

I won't start to analyize the looks, because my words wouldn't describe the real values of this collection. I think, the fall season of '09 might be a milestone, perhaps a turning-point in McQueen's career. Whatever, it was the right time to summarize.
And I'm sure, Alexander McQueen's going to walk so many more miles in the upcoming seasons...
Regards, Miska

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