Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Magnifique Overture

Time is running with light-speed. I just realized that Milan FW is over, and now, shazam! Paris is already bubbling.

Today was the opening day with presentations of Anne Valerie Hash, Kris van Assche, Rue du Mail AND Gareth Pugh!

I'm still under the charm of Paris' (and hopefully Dior Homme's) new Wonderboy!
The "show" was scheduled to start at 5 pm, and was broadcasted live on But here came the trick! The show was not a fashion-show in the traditional way with models and runway. Pugh presented a short-film, which let us enter his special world of vision.

An endless, empty space, filled with his beautiful amazons. These women were warriors, with real strength and power, with gracious roughness, and some artistic frailty.

Gareth Pugh is on the way to the top, there's no question about that. And he totally deserves it.

I personally wish my best for you, Gareth!

Let me also mention Ruth Hogben, the director of the film. Congratulations to her as well for this stunning marriage of contemporary fashion and motion picture.
What a promising premier!
Regards, Miska

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