Tuesday, 29 September 2009

September Issue(s)

by Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz for Contributing Editor, mirrored by me

September is a riot of new directions, new ways without number to choose. This lashing of novelties confused me in the past weeks, and took my beloved words away. It's a complicated feeling, when there's so much to say that one idea cancels the other, and finally the labyrinth of thoughts becomes so tangled, that it ropes bound the voice.

I'm still numb, but started to figure out where to turn my head. The compass rose sheds its petals already. Autumn, wreathe your arms round my neck and whisper in my ear!

by Steven Klein for Vogue Homme Japan #3 mirrored by me

Regards, Miska

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Private Detective by Mareunrol's

A mood noir.

The veil of the night falls noiselessly on the motionless landscape. Stupor reigns in every corner of the darkness. The unknown man listens numbly to the dead silence. His eyes are burning from haze, fear numbed into boredom in his mind. Reality ravels into imagination. Hours have elapsed since then. Action twirls slowly. Glutinous, ductile dollop.
Film noir is a bunch of confused moments, strung on straggly stills. A whole story concentrated in one black and white picture.

With the advent of the evening, I accidentally ran into an inteview with a Latvian designer duo. The article was illustrated with surreal moody photos, which intrigued me immediately.
I looked up the designers, like a good private detective and found many interesting and inspirational features about them.
They are Mareunrol's Marite Mastina and Rolands Peterkops, double winners of the Festival d'Hyéres in 2009. Their award winning collection, "Private Detective" was inspired by film noir, gangster and detective stories, and was represented with an impressive short film, directed by Latvian video artist, Kristine Kursiaa.

photos by Kaspars Lielgalvis from I Love Fake Spring/Summer '09

For the "Private Detective" short film noir, visit Mareunrol's website. And let's start to memorize the names of the Riga-based duo, I sniff rare excitement associated with them.

Regards, Miska

Friday, 11 September 2009

Autumn Breakfast

Sometimes there are no legs left to stand on, or at least the way runs out from under your feet. It happens. It happened.
After the monotonous days of the past summer, the realization came so sudden, autumn is here, again.
My favourite term of the year, with the ticklingly abundance of colors, lights and options. I'm galvanized by the inconsistency of the upcoming season inevitably. So many new trends, directions have started to emerge in menswear, like never before. No doubt, we live in the age of the great discoveries regarding mens's fashion. I personally hope, this stays a tendency, and not just a passing fancy.
"And yet, beyond, the trees already wave their golden arms to me" - but I will remain close this time.

The featured photos were taken by Thomas Lohr, fashion editor Kim Howells, helmet by Alun Davies. The originals can be found at Contributing Editor, the ones featured here are retouched by me.

Regards, Miska