Friday, 11 September 2009

Autumn Breakfast

Sometimes there are no legs left to stand on, or at least the way runs out from under your feet. It happens. It happened.
After the monotonous days of the past summer, the realization came so sudden, autumn is here, again.
My favourite term of the year, with the ticklingly abundance of colors, lights and options. I'm galvanized by the inconsistency of the upcoming season inevitably. So many new trends, directions have started to emerge in menswear, like never before. No doubt, we live in the age of the great discoveries regarding mens's fashion. I personally hope, this stays a tendency, and not just a passing fancy.
"And yet, beyond, the trees already wave their golden arms to me" - but I will remain close this time.

The featured photos were taken by Thomas Lohr, fashion editor Kim Howells, helmet by Alun Davies. The originals can be found at Contributing Editor, the ones featured here are retouched by me.

Regards, Miska

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