Tuesday, 29 September 2009

September Issue(s)

by Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz for Contributing Editor, mirrored by me

September is a riot of new directions, new ways without number to choose. This lashing of novelties confused me in the past weeks, and took my beloved words away. It's a complicated feeling, when there's so much to say that one idea cancels the other, and finally the labyrinth of thoughts becomes so tangled, that it ropes bound the voice.

I'm still numb, but started to figure out where to turn my head. The compass rose sheds its petals already. Autumn, wreathe your arms round my neck and whisper in my ear!

by Steven Klein for Vogue Homme Japan #3 mirrored by me

Regards, Miska

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Michael said...

I like how you chose to mirror them. I liek the photos, they're dark and have this silent feel to it.