Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ash Metal

As I dig deeper and deeper in the dense mass of fall's menswear editorials, I feel condensing boredom, when any of the studded Prada pieces lodge into my eyes on every second picture.
However, I don't dispute that the above-mentioned numbers are undoubtedly the "heavyweight editorial champions" of this autumn, those pins only stab my hunger for the excitement of diversity already.

Enough cawing, the situation is not hopeless at all. Just add a bit of movement, dramatic edge, and Ash Stymest to the monochrome styling and the result will be rather more fascinating than the slowly rusting leaves and nails.

"Tonight the stars hang vividly..."
Motion editorial featuring Ash Stymest for Metal #17 Issue by Antonina Obrado / Ferrater Studio.

Regards, Miska


Anonymous said...

amazing. beyond amazing

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