Thursday, 15 October 2009

the Room #10 - Jubilee Issue

According to my personal numerology, 10 is an especially magical number, endowed with miraculous power. It can be divided in many ways, but is an unseparable whole after all.
A very special nr. 10 comes to light tomorrow. With their jubilee issue, the constant creative team of the Room magazine allows us a sort of insight within the walls of their "room", along with guest contributors such as Alnis Stakle, Emilio Tini or Emil Rebek. With no less, than Eniko Mihalik and Kinga Rajzak on two different covers. On about 200 pages... I think this is a very respectable weight for a newborn.

photos from the Room #10

I am waiting you, as a Messiah. On your way, be accompanied by my blessing. Tomorrow night...

Regards, Miska

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