Friday, 29 May 2009

Red Idol

I pull my lone oar in the sea of pointless thoughts on summer's menswear. Looking for the right way in millions of opportunities. But there are so many hidden treasure to find on the sea-bed. I've got to dive until a run out of oxygen.

I prefer to walk, so I anchor the boat and continue my way with some images from Contributing Editor's special editorial, entitled Red Idol, photgraphed by Minoru Kaburagi, featuring model Tyler Riggs from RED.

For the rest of the ed, paddle to their site.

photos from Contributing Editor

Regards, Miska


konshonchloe said...

esta super cool your blogg amigooo,
saludos desde panama!!!

Miska Walks Miles said...

Garcias Konshonchloe!
Thank you for your comments!
Regards, Miska