Thursday, 7 May 2009

Damir Doma A/W '09

I like perfection. Damir Doma’s creations are beyond beautiful. I love Damir Doma's work.

I am a wayfarer. I walk miles, and sometimes I even ride the whirlwind. Sand, blowed into my eyes, or snowflakes melting on my lips. The distance is endless but everything is only a stone’s throw away.

+ Statement:
I also like when press releases tell everything about a collection.

“In a balanced calm of tension and easy flow, with a perspective of birth into the unknown, Doma pursues his exploration with seemingly bare shapes, focusing upon the architecture of volumes as if to return to the spines of his constructions.

Streaming drapings, twisted folds and floating structures in wet blacks, earth greys or dirty creams alternate between light and dark.

Doma's nomads could be visiting from elsewhere, on the dawn of an epic crossing, either into future times or antique steppes.

The sleek lines and simple shells of the clothes are underpinned by lightly constructed loops, and as boundaries and edges are blended, a feeling of continuity and endless wandering is evoked in the silhouettes, with pieces folded, held or knotted in only one of possibilities.

There is a quiet peace in Doma's distant spaces and solitude, when he hides tiny gates to infinity in his works.

Just as desert dune landscapes can reveal an arid undulating sensuality, or the icy austerity of snowcapped peaks may beguile with gently glittering skins, it is tempting to get lost for an instant in Doma's quest, on a path seeking majesty.”

Regards, Miska

Photos and text from Damir Doma's website. Runway video by Alessandro Tinelli from Vimeo.

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