Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Je Suis Belle S/S '09

Je Suis Belle. This fair French phrase means „I am beautiful”. But for me, and for the people, who have already seen any pieces from the Hungarian designer duo of Dalma Devenyi and Tibi Kiss, Je Suis Belle spells innovative, young fashion with playful ideas and astonishing collections.

Dalma and Tibi have produced their collections since 2005 together, under the name of Je Suis Belle. And they are already among the most promising young talents of the Hungarian fashion-scene.

The signature Je Suis Belle style is something unique, something easy to recognize. An impressive mixture of quality, playfulness, the bohemian-touch, youthful energy, comfort and chic.
Dalma and Tibi like to bring some fun into their designs, they are not afraid of playing with silhouettes, remaking traditional pieces and shapes. And the best about them is, that they do it in an absolutely effortless way, their designs are easy-going, and it’s truly exciting to explore every little detail of their clothes.

After a bombastic fall, they prepared for the summer-heat with neon patterns, lace, redefined shirtdresses and knots.
The main concept of Dalma and Tibi for this season was, to create extremely light weight dresses for the hot days, but they don’t strip down their models, instead they dress them up in a very feminine and elegant way.

It was very important for the designers to create a collection which is wearable at the first place, and to work with handy fabrics.

The use of knots as ornaments and as shaping details, came from Dalma. She saw a photo of a kid, wearing a dirty, raunchy tank, on which straps were knot together. She found the look adorable and started to place knots in her designs. Finally she invented a very organic look, with mellow, but feminine details.

Reconstructing the details of the basic male shirt was also an exciting idea from Je Suis Belle. They used the characteristic necklines and collars in unusual positions, or elsewhere they extended the length of these numbers and created stunning maxi-dresses.

I personally see three different sections in the collection:
1, Redefined shirtdresses
2, Neon-heat -- pure colored clothes with neon-floral patterns
3, Bicolored, reversible dresses, built on the contrast of brown and blue

photos: Je Suis Belle SS '09 Lookbook

There are so many interesting ideas and details in this collection, that every single piece would deserve its own story!

For stockist information, visit the website of Je Suis Belle at http://www.jesuisbelle.hu/

Regards, Miska

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