Monday, 1 June 2009

Through The Curtain Ed

A precious friend told me, that the road to heaven was surrounded by yellow eyeballs and into-light-dipped noses. My eyes look yellow in sparkling sunshine.
I just got inspired on this early summer-afternoon by the lazy lights, by my biochemistry book, by the intimate photography of Lina Scheynius and by a curtain in my bedroom. The result is here, in these personal portraits of me.

Selfportraits by Miska.
All the above posted photos belong to me. Use is allowed only with my permission.

Regards, Miska


Hafizul said...

I admire your beautiful language... Hope someday I can be like you.

Lucky girl said...

Splendid captures!

Miska Walks Miles said...

Thank you for the praising words!
Regards, Miska