Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Pure Desire - Rozalb de Mura Unisex Painted Trousers

Perhaps it's a kind of fetishism, who knows... in any event, since I first saw I can't get it out of my head. Have you ever felt unappeasable carving to possess a piece of beauty? I think this feeling might be familiar for everyone in our materialistic world, and come on, fashion is all about that. Awaking the slumbering instincts and let them be free...

"... And do not take us into temptation..."
Why not?

Even if these unisex painted Rozalb de Mura trousers would be the perdition itself, I won't protest against them. They are more like a piece of heaven, fallen down to earth, and got dirty from the sky during the fall.

photos from Not Just A Label, retouched by me

"These statement making painted cotton trousers feature black embroidery on the thighs. "Vitezkotes", the Hungarian for "the string of the brave" is the beautifully embroidered black string that nowadays is a graphic decoration on the traditional Hungarian male costume. This is the symbol that ignited the Transylvanian designer's curiosity and made him delve into XIXth century cutting and assembling techniques." ~ Not Just A Label

Along with other beautiful creations, the pair of delight is available at Not Just A Label's webshop.
Harrowing desire, leave me alone...

Regards, Miska

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