Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Damir Doma S/S '10 Runway Videos

He presented my favourite collection for the next spring/summer season in Paris.
He created a smoking new look in menswear.
His designs make me wonder every time I see them.
He is Damir Doma.

I don't talk to the wind, see videos of the whole collection and backstage below.
My review about the collection, can be found here.

In addition to the motion pictures, also read the official press release of the collection. I have to admit, nor could I conceive my thoughts better.

"Between spirituality and philosophy, Doma explores the delicate balance of humanforms and harmonizes the ongoing dialogue between body and soul.

Oversized and almost floating elements are meant to provide space between skin andgarment representing a new spiritual freedom allowing the mind to focus on life’selemental values.

With an understanding of humility and purity, Doma eliminates the unnecessary andconcentrates on the essentials of shapes and forms resulting in a heightened appreciationfor simplicity. No buttons or unnecessary trimmings were added to thegarments to maintain its integrity and mutual respect for the individual and nature.
Our relationship to nature and the things that permit our existence, is spoken throughthe colors, with white symbolizing purity, red the energy that rushes through our veinsand black’s thoughtfulness, the beginning, the end and what is still yet to be discovered.
Doma’s quest to fuse mind, body and spirit, stands as a trinity with fabrics, colors andshades as its loyal disciples."
~ Damir Doma

Regards, Miska

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