Monday, 2 February 2009

New Beginning

After a great night at 'Instant' (newest hotspot of Budapest), with my very best friend, who just came back from Paris, I decided to start something with this blog.

One week's left of my vacation, until the next semester starts at the university. So I need to use this time for collecting some inspirations (and have some rest after the exams).

I had this idea about blogging for a long time, but I was always too lazy. By now.
I realized, that I'm not going to be younger or skinnier, and really think I could be good at writing.
There are so many great blogs, mostly about fashion I read... why not start my own?! (The only problem is about my grammar, but decided to publish my posts in English... it's my exhibitionism.)

As long as I don't have any audience, I will introduce myself, my style, my visions... it's a new challenge for me, but I'm very enthusiastic about it!

Until then,
xx Miska

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