Monday, 23 February 2009

Central Saint Martins Fall 2009

Everything, I missed from the New York shows was there at this marathon-length presentation of the graduate students of Central Saint Martins.
No references, no '80s retrovibe, but full of fresh ideas decent shapes and styling.

Asymmetry, variaton of lengths in menswear, strong shoulder-lines, techno-materials. catchy colour-combinations. Some collections were extravagantly futuristic, some were pure chic, some were playfully new.

Don't understand, why didn't mentoined the designers names. Most of them are to memorize immediately.

I wish good luck for all these young talents! If you are the future, I can't wait!

Regards, Miska


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Found some of the designer's names on DazedDigital, tadah!: Laura Mackness, Matteo Bigglardi, Oden Wilson and Chary Westberg.

News: here's the link to the youtube video of the show (can't embed it...):

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