Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Getting ME(n)TAL

Mirrored photo by Jose Manuel Ferrater, featuring model Luke Worrall from METAL Magazine, retouched by me

Please welcome the latest testimony of my undying love for fashion videos. Please unfold your eyes wide open, dance around the walls and feel the fondling breath of white light.

They say, at the end of a tunnel, there's always a glimmer of blaze... There's no tunnel actually, only the glare of undiscovered beauty.

"Because they are empty, therefore
They don't help neither the remembering nor the forgetting,
The words.

You will be utterly immortal and clean, when light percolates through you,
Because it's even less, which remains."
~ Erika Baglyas

Regards, Miska

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andrv1d said...

Thanks for sharing that, I love fashion videos!! :) Was great one!