Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Ones to Watch : Adel Kovacs

I extinguish an old leeway with this post. The timing is not accidental, but first things first.
In the not so distant past, I had the pleasure to meet a really captivating young talent of textile design. Her vision was very similar to mine, and the subtle humour and freshness behind her ideas was truly refreshing.
These sincere words of mine speak of / speak to Adel Kovacs. When I asked about her inspiration, her ars poetica seemed to be all about convenience; to catch and present a really simplistic and puritan, but still meaningful face of fashion through her designs, by using unusual structural elements as ornaments on her pieces. The latest Adel Kovacs capsule collection, entitled "Lovecarpet", was built upon a naked, make-up colored strange mood, which roots from the simplicity of her stripped down silhouettes. Each piece of the collection is impregnated with the finest touch of technical expertise and unique vision.
Enough said, Adel's work is really worth to discover, and monitor really closely.

And why the timing? With her not-less-talented fellows, Adel was currently working on a showroom, which opens its door tonight.

I recommend all the worthwhile pearl fishers to steer their boats towards to the KEPP Showroom in the near future! And before I "KEPP" walking, I'll be with you tonight!

photos from Adel Kovacs

K E P P Showroom
Budapest, Vörösmarty Square. 3. / 2nd floor

Regards, Miska


gabrielnyc said...

I'm glad that I met Ms Adel, a very sweet talented designer indeed! And am sorry to miss out of their studio opening.

Kisses from NYC!

Jyun said...

I do like the fishnet knitted dress and knit scarf but the rest look pretty predictable new designer work = boring.

aNdRv1d said...